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Reopening is on March 8 with 
Marianna Rothen - MAIL ORDER

© Marianna Rothen, «Ken» from the series Mail Order, 2017 - 2018

We are very pleased to present this New York based artist for the first time in Switzerland. 

Marianna Rothen began modeling at the age of 15, working with designers such as Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga andYves Saint Laurent during her 17-year career in the fashion industry. As a hobby, she began to take pictures. Meanwhile she is an internationally recognized artist.

Rothens world is a world full of imagination and phantasies with mysteries hiding a dark truth. In her earlier work  men were only present outside the pictures, at most as observers or voyeurs.  In her latest work, "Mail Order," which we show in Zurich,  men are integrated into the pictures as dolls, a staged seemingly perfect world that is eerie and irritating. Since 2007, her work has been shown in galleries in Paris, Sydney, Istanbul, London and at Steven Kasher in New York. It was also presented at Paris Photo as well as Photo London.

Her books are published b. frank books.

More information at: www.mariannarothen.com


artist talk
Sunday, March 10, 2019, 11 o'clock

Moderation Mirjam Fischer (art historian), with:

  • Marianna Rothen (artist)
  • Yvonne Reichmuth fashion designer
    and owner of the label YVY
  • Roger Eberhard publisher and photographer of b.fank.books





Edited by Aleksandra Signer and  Peter Zimmermann 

Texts on selected works
Paula van den Bosch, Barbara Casavecchia, Christoph Doswald, Esther Flury, Lorenzo Giusti, Paul Good, Matthias Haldemann, Stephan Kunz, Roman Kurzmeyer, Li Zhenhua, Gerhard Mack, Simon Maurer, David Moinard, Kristin Schmidt, Dorothea Strauss, Sunny Sun, Ulrich Suter,  Reto Thüring, Roland Wäspe, Max Wechsler, Sara Weyns, Beat Wismer, Rachel Withers

With descriptions of the works by Roman Signer

30,5 × 24,5 cm, 608 pages / 670 illustrations
Hardcover (linen) in a slipcase
German / English

ISBN 978-3-906191-10-2 (Switzerland)

Edition AlbersZimmermann & Edition Stephan Witschi, Zurich
Subscription: CHF 110.00 / from 1.2.2019: CHF 150.00


The materials – water, fire, air and earth – are elements that intervene in the design of Roman Signer’s works and complete them. It is ordinarily part of the works to reveal how they are made. The artist himself comments on some 350 sculptures and actions without interpreting them. By detailing such facts as the technical framework, climate and sequence of events, he gives readers such a precise impression of each work that they could almost be observing the action themselves. The resulting catalogue raisonné is essentially a work in itself and, as such, an indispensable part of this unique oeuvre. The fourth volume in the series represents a self-contained monograph of years that are vital to Signer’s practice.