Newsletter 3

We become aware of the time when there are obstacles to our intentions or when we keep our eyes on the path to success. Time is the span between what is and what could be, should be or will be. Time is the beginning of the way to the end.
J. Krishnamurti

A special time, a special situation

Dear friends of the gallery, ladies and gentlemen

Let's take it slow.

The galleries will presumably be allowed to reopen in the foreseeable future with certain conditions. Our schedule initially provides a reduced program:

From Wednesday May 13th the gallery is open every Wednesday from 2pm to 6pm.
All other days on request by phone (076 391 00 10).

We show the pictures from the unplanned exhibition:

A special time, a special situation

This exhibition was created together with Barbara Liebster at the beginning of the crisis. From the state of not knowing how to proceed, we put together a spontaneous and very personal exhibition. Every picture and every sculpture is of great importance to us.
The following artists are represented:

Jungjin Lee, Ester Vonplon, Marianna Roten, Thomas Ott, Marcel Reuschmann, Bjørn Sterri, Christoph Haerle, Martin Kollar, Hans Witschi and Peter Radelfinger.

On Saturday, June 20th from 1 p.m. we would like to welcome every visitor with a glass of wine! The „art cooker“ Sandra Knecht spontaneously agreed to grill her famous merguez on this occasion - a little foretaste of her upcoming exhibition in the gallery.

We look forward to the season opening on Wednesday August 27th with Sandra Knecht and her exhibition "my land is your land".

If you don't know the artist Sandra Knecht yet, visit her  website.

The picture that accompanies this newsletter was made by our friend Martin Kollar. It comes from the Provisional Arrangement series and can be read as a symbol of our current situation. And if you want, you can also see positive sides in it. Humans know how to improvise in almost all situations in order to save themselves.
In a later newsletter I will go into Martin Kollar, his work and this picture in more depth and in a more personal way.

In the meantime, I greet everyone warmly

Stephan Witschi




Als ausgebildeter wissenschaftlicher Zeichner fertigte Marcel Reuschmann (geb. 1941) zahlreiche Aquarelle und Zeichnungen an, die ausdrücklich dem Zweck der Dokumentation dienten und die wichtige Grundlagen für Studien und Forschungen bildeten. Was allerdings kaum jemand weiss, Reuschmann zeichnete auch in seiner Freizeit und er tut es noch. Losgelöst von naturalistischer Sachlichkeit bezeugen seine bisher unveröffentlichten Arbeiten einen künstlerischen Ansatz, der im Mittelpunkt der Betrachtung steht.

Herausgeberin: Susanne Werth

Texte: Ute Christiane Hoefert

Edition Stephan Witschi, Zürich 2019


ISBN 978-3-906191-09-6

Preis : CHF 58.00