Simone F. Baumann — Inkdrawing, 2019

Thomas Ott — Scratchboard, 2019

Thomas Ott and Simone F. Baumann 



Thomas Ott has been one of the artists represented by the gallery for many years. The exhibition title “Schwarze Löcher / Black Holes” is at the same time the title of his recent work in scratch board, which will be shown for the first time.

It was the artist’s suggestion to incorporate original drawing by Simone F. Baumann in the exhibition. Two years ago, Thomas Ott became aware of the twenty-two-year-old woman from Zurich when she received the Comic Scholarship from the City of Zurich.

In addition to her artistic means of expression and that she expressively visualizes her ideas in black and white, she primarily combines the thematic. Relentlessly and with wit they take humanity under the microscope, while above all the finiteness of life is often countered with black humor. Without taboos, the abysses, perverse inclinations and negative qualities of the human are described. Every now and then one thinks to recognize autobiographical traits in the subject. Although the real world is the source of inspiration – at the center of the human being – however, the imagesare so surreal and absurd that they seem to be borrowed from a nightmare rather than reality.

Friday, May 3, 2019, from 6 p.m.

Exhibition dates
May 4 to June 1, 2019



The first monograph by Dominik is available.

New publication by Edition Stephan Witschi:

Monograph by Dominik His
"Six Perspectives 2009 - 2019"

A selection of his sculptural works is presented in the Gallery.

Exhibition duration: April 9-27, 2019

Richly illustrates and with texts by several authors, the publication gives insights into the artistic work of Dominik His, who was born 1965 in Basel, and studied at the F + F in Zurich. The title refer to the focus of the book which lies on looking at his work from six different perspectives. In difficult to control processes Dominik His developes by using various materials and with the inclusion of found objects three-dimensional objects that arouse our associations. In order to capture the object as a whole, the viewer is demanded to go around the object.

By different perspectives the effects of the objects changes.

The publication look at Dominik His artistic work from various angles.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to experience some of the objects. Presented on bases, the objects can be viewed from all sides.




Edited by Aleksandra Signer and  Peter Zimmermann 

Texts on selected works
Paula van den Bosch, Barbara Casavecchia, Christoph Doswald, Esther Flury, Lorenzo Giusti, Paul Good, Matthias Haldemann, Stephan Kunz, Roman Kurzmeyer, Li Zhenhua, Gerhard Mack, Simon Maurer, David Moinard, Kristin Schmidt, Dorothea Strauss, Sunny Sun, Ulrich Suter,  Reto Thüring, Roland Wäspe, Max Wechsler, Sara Weyns, Beat Wismer, Rachel Withers

With descriptions of the works by Roman Signer

30,5 × 24,5 cm, 608 pages / 670 illustrations
Hardcover (linen) in a slipcase
German / English

ISBN 978-3-906191-10-2 (Switzerland)

Edition AlbersZimmermann & Edition Stephan Witschi, Zurich
Subscription: CHF 110.00 / from 1.2.2019: CHF 150.00


The materials – water, fire, air and earth – are elements that intervene in the design of Roman Signer’s works and complete them. It is ordinarily part of the works to reveal how they are made. The artist himself comments on some 350 sculptures and actions without interpreting them. By detailing such facts as the technical framework, climate and sequence of events, he gives readers such a precise impression of each work that they could almost be observing the action themselves. The resulting catalogue raisonné is essentially a work in itself and, as such, an indispensable part of this unique oeuvre. The fourth volume in the series represents a self-contained monograph of years that are vital to Signer’s practice.