Self for Javier

Jens Linus and me, Oslo, 2016 III

Self..., Oslo, 2016

Pablo, Oslo, 2016

Pablo and me, Oslo, 2016

My family, Tenerife, 2016

Jens Linus and Pablo, Oslo, 2016 I

Bjørn Sterri

Born in1960 in Norway, lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He studied photography at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland, and at the University of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm, Sweden. His voluminous photographic oeuvre was exhibited across Europe, in the USA and in Argentina. Recognized photography collector and curator W.M. Hunt comments on Sterri’s work:
«These images can take their place in a continuum of master photographers from Julia Margret Cameron and August Sander to Emmet Gowin and Nicholas Nixon».

The artist himself writes about his work: «I see, think and live a big part of my life through photography. The photographic process helps me to make my existence and death – visible. The photograph is a proof that I, at a certain point in time, am or was alive». Bjørn Sterris long term documentation of his family and himself is a photographic essay about time, presence and absence, life and death, affection and intimacy. We observe his family grow and change, we notice the closeness of the people on the polaroids seen through the artist’s eyes, and we can feel time going by. Stephanie Dean writes in F-Stop Magazine: «Notions of family or rather the particular celebration of family as the extension of the self permeate and particularly define Sterri's work. (...) So, when you see photos of Pablo, Jens Linus, and Alejandra with or without Bjørn in the frame —realize that these extensions of the self are also revealing the innermost self and soul of the man — the self that created these portraits: Bjørn Sterri.».

Bjørn Sterri primarily works either with a Deardorff 8×10” camera or a Polaroid camera. He makes 8×10” gelatin silver contact prints and limited edition archival ink-jet prints of scanned Polaroids.

Statoil Art Collection (Norway), JPMorgan Chase Art Collection (New York, USA), The Polaroid Collection (USA and Europe), Centro de Fotografia (Tenerife, Spain) and several private collections.

«Polaroid Work», Pilver Press, 2011 «Family Photographs 2001 -2014», Pilver Press, fall 2014.

Upcoming exhibitions
in fall 2015 at Galerie Stephan Witschi.