Jungjin Lee

Jungjin Lee lives and works in New York. Born in South Korea in 1961, she studied at Hong Ik University in Seoul, majoring in ceramics. In 1988 she moved to the United States, where she completed her Master of Photography at New York University.

In her search for motifs, she found inspiration in nature. During her photography studies in New York, she noted that students there were more interested in ideas, while in Asia more weight was given to the expression of feelings. In her second year she traveled to the deserts of the American southwest and discovered its powerful landscapes.

Images first touch our emotions before we translate what we see into language. Jungjin Lee's work is based on that principle. The photos in her Desert series were taken between 1990 and 1994. During this time she assisted Robert Frank, who also wrote the introduction to her book.

Jungjin Lee’s images often appear illusory and melancholy. The land, sky, clouds and sea bleed into each other, transformed into abstract structures with Lee's camera lens. Her photography is permeated by a strange, lonely beauty which is bleak and yet passionate.