Matthias Wyss: aus der Serie „Zyklus Tageslicht“, Bleistift auf Papier, 23 x 28 cm, 2012

Matthias Wyss

At his drawing table, Matthias Wyss expands fragments, hints and details into a boundless pictorial world presenting an ambiguous narrative about the human condition. On small sheets of paper, the Biel-based artist composes a multi-layered epic without words. The obsessive sketcher creates a fascinatingly confusing world with his masterfully executed and atmospheric illustrations, which draw the viewer into their irresistibly puzzling depths.

In the world of Matthias Wyss, the lightness of being carefree is never far away from the darkness of the abyss. His figures are always in a state of uncertainty, appearing to rise out of a storm cloud of elements and events, sometimes flying euphorically, sometimes in the throws of torture. His drawings capture human existence in all its highs and lows, and with the continual, urgent search for knowledge, happiness and transformation. Matthias Wyss presented 18 works from his Tageslicht (Daylight) series as part of an Aeschlimann-Corti Scholarship exhibition. The project began in 2011 now consists of more than 250 pencil drawings. The illustrations open up a wonderworld containing a wealth of characters, narrative moments and mysteries. His drawings create a fantastic whirlpool of experiences and emotions.

Excerpt from «A Master Storyteller with a Predilection for Detours» by Alice Henkes (Published 9 May 2013 in the Aeschlimann-Corti Journal)