Dominik His – 6 Perspektiven / 6 Perspectives
Richly illustrates and with texts by several authors, the publication gives insights into the artistic work of Dominik His, who was born 1965 in Basel, and studied at the F+F in Zurich.

The title refer to the focus of the book which lies on looking at his work from six different perspectives. In difficult to control processes Dominik His developes by using various materials and with the inclusion of found objects three-dimensional objects that arouse our associations. In order to capture the object as a whole, the viewer is demanded to go around the object. By different perspectives the effects of the objects changes.
The publication look at Dominik His artistic work from various angles.

308 Pages, approx. 700 Illustrations
190 x 270 mm, g/e, Linen cover with foil stamping

ISBN 978-3-906191-11-9

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ROMAN SIGNER – Werke/Works, 2002 – 2018, Band/Volume 4
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ROMAN SIGNER – Werkübersicht 1971 – 2002, Bd. 1–3, Roman Signer – Werke/Works, 2002 – 2018, Bd./Vol. 4
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ROMAN SIGNER – Works 1971 – 2002, Vol. 1–3, Roman Signer – Werke/Works, 2002 – 2018, Bd./Vol. 4
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Roman Signer – Werkübersicht 1971 – 2002 Bd. 1–3 / Roman Signer – Works 1971 – 2002, Vol. 1–3 / Roman Signer – Werke/Works, 2002 – 2018, Bd./Vol. 4
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Works 1971 – 2002
Sprengen / Blasting, 2007

Special Edition
Roman Signer – Works, 1971 – 2002
Volumes 1 – 3
(Englisch / English)
Numbers 1 – 30 + 31 – 33 a.p.
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Cologne

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Jürg Halter und Ester Vonplon – Alleine tanzend - irgendwo
Der Schriftsteller und Performancekünstler Jürg Halter und die Fotografin Ester Vonplon gehören zu den bekanntesten Schweizer Künstlern ihrer Generation. Seit 2012 tauschen sie sich künstlerisch intensiv aus. In der ersten gemeinsamen Publikation hinterfragen die beiden den Heimatbegriff und lösen diesen vielschichtig auf.

Halter und Vonplon bereisten unterschiedliche Orte in Europa und der Arktis, um nach Bildern und Worten für menschliche Abwesenheit zu suchen. Anhand von Fotografien und lyrischen Texten treten die beiden in einen poetischen Dialog über Identität und Herkunft: Was ist die Natur ohne den Menschen, was der Mensch ohne die Natur? Was bedeutet Heimat, wenn man unterwegs ist?

Eines der Hauptmotive in Vonplons Arbeit ist die Natur und wie in Halters literarischem Schaffen spielt die Abwesenheit eine zentrale Rolle – in der Schnittmenge dieser zwei Begriffe ist „Alleine tanzend – irgendwo“ zu begreifen. Vonplons eigensinnige Fotografien, die beiläufige Zeichen von Zivilisation inmitten scheinbar unberührter Natur zeigen, werden Halters lyrischen wie gesellschaftskritischen Texten und Gedichten, die die Endlichkeit und die Einsamkeit des Menschen verhandeln, gegenübergestellt.

120 Seiten, 35 Farbabbildungen, 21.5 x 15 cm
Sprachversionen: deutsch und englisch, limitierte Auflagen
ISBN 978-3-906191-06-5
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Paltzer, Liebster, Wyss «Danke, ich esse keine Suppe – Perspektiven der Behindertenarbeit»
Das Buch «Danke, ich esse keine Suppe – Perspektiven der Behindertenarbeit» ist ein Beitrag zu einer zeitgemässen Behindertenarbeit, reflektiert diese als dynamisches Feld und zeigt Zukunftsperspektiven des Denkens und Handelns in Bezug auf Behinderung auf. Expertinnen und Experten beleuchten Fragen der Autonomie, der Gleichberechtigung, der Integration und des Glücks. Betroffene berichten von ihrer persönlichen Erfahrung und ihrem Umgang mit der Behinderung. Ein wesentliches Element dieses Buches ist die künstlerische Annäherung an das Thema. Neben den Texten schaffen die Bilder von Arbeiten von Szenografie- und Theaterpädagogik-Studierenden der Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) eine eigenständige Ebene der Wahrnehmung. Die Studierenden des Bachelors Theater haben sich in zwei Lehrveranstaltungen zeichnerisch, installativ und performativ/szenisch mit Formen von Normalität auseinandergesetzt.

Autorinnen und Autoren des Buches:
Karin Bernath (Sonderpädagogin), Felix Brem (Psychiater und Psychotherapeut), Marta Hornáková (Heilpädagogin), Hardy Landolt (Rechtsanwalt, Spezialist für Gesundheitsrecht), Barbara Liebster (Regisseurin, Autorin, Dozentin ZHdK), Annette Paltzer (Soziologin und Heilpädagogin), Pasqualina Perrig-Chiello (Psychologin), Herbert Wyss (Heilpädagoge und Notfallpsychologe).

Edition Stephan Witschi, Zürich 2015
240 S., 77 Abb., 24 x 27,5 cm, Leinen
ISBN 978-3-906191-03-4
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Ursula Müller – Still ist es (It is quiet)
As Ursula Müller agreed to the project, she had no idea of the challenge that awaited her. In the beginning it appeared to be a simple assignment. Her neighbor's 81-year-old mother lay in hospital after a heart attack and was not expected to recover. To preserve her memory for the family, the neighbor wanted photos of her mother's house in Speicher, Switzerland, without a single thing changed. So Ursula Müller took pictures of the many rooms, the storage and work areas below and two-storey living area above. After several days the assignment was completed. The house was documented for the family, preserved for eternity. The woman who lived there sadly passed away.

Barbara Liebster, Regisseurin, Literatur- und Kunstwissenschaftlerin
96 sites, 24 x 30 cm, german/english
72 coloured pictures
Hardcover with book jacket
ISBN 978-3-9523619-9-3
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Roman Signer – Reden und Gespräche (Talks and Conversations)
In a series of talks and conversations, artist Roman Signer speaks about his childhood and youth in Appenzell, Switzerland and his studies in Poland, where he met his wife Aleksandra. He describes the difficult early years, his gradual recognition as an artist, his travels to countries such as Japan and Iceland, and the origins of individual works. He talks about bombardier beetles, the intelligence of termites, curious cows, ball lightning, forest music, wood floating upstream and the murderous, humorous aspects of nature.

Edition Stephan Witschi, ISBN 978-3-906191-00-3 (german)
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln (english)
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Matthias Wyss - Tageslicht (Daylight)
Between 2011 and 2013, Matthias Wyss worked on the expansive and fascinating Tageslicht series, consisting of more than 250 pencil drawings. He filled small format single sheets and double page spreads with masterfully rendered, atmospheric illustrations. The pages open up a wonderworld containing a wealth of characters, narrative moments and mysteries. His drawings create a fantastic whirlpool of experiences and emotions that irresistibly draw in the viewer.

Beatrice von Matt, Literaturkritikerin, Publizistin
Alice Henkes, Kunsthistorikerin

330 Sites, 22 x 29 cm, german/english
265 b&w drawings


ISBN 978-3-906191-01-0
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Monographie über Samuele Giovanoli (1877 – 1941) / Retrospective: Samuele Giovanoli (1877 – 1941)
Retrospective: Samuele Giovanoli (1877–1941)
It was only in the last decade of his life that Samuele Giovanoli felt the inner need to paint. Until his death in 1941 he created a modest body of work that stands out for its originality. His technique was simple: his images painted directly and in layers. Like any true naive artist, he paid little attention to perspective, proportion or anatomical accuracy. Samuele Giovanoli rose to prominence with his Paradise Paintings, of which only six are still known to exist. In these works he interwove the landscape of his home region of Sils, Switzerland, with scenes and figures from paradise. Misunderstood in his lifetime and forgotten after his death, Samuel Giovanoli was rediscovered in the 1960s. Today he is celebrated as one of Switzerland's most important naive painters

Author: Dr. Mirella Carbone, Kunsthistorikerin
192 sites, 24 x 30 cm, german/italian
ca. 140 images
Cloth-binding with four-color foil stamping

ISBN 978-3-9523619-6-2
Price : CHF 87.00
Reto Camenisch - Porträts (Portraits) 1982 - 2012
The Swiss photographer's first publication, Reto Camenisch - Berge, Pilge, Orte, was nominated for a German Photo Book Award. Now his second major work, Reto Camenisch - Porträts, has been released with edition stephan witschi. The book contains more than 100 previously unpublished portraits. They span from the very beginnings of Camenisch's portrait photography in 1982 to the present day.
The photographer works predominantly with a medium format camera. His subjects are chosen from all walks of life, including celebrities, politicians, musicians, writers, but also ordinary people.

Bänz Friedli, author, journalist and cabaret artist
Bernhard Giger, author, journalist and film maker
Marco Meier, publicist and philosopher

160 sites, 26 x 30 cm, german/english
ISBN 978-3-9523619-7-9
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Hans Witschi
A retrospective of the Swiss painter Hans Witschi, who has lived and worked in New York since 1989. The Lucerne-born artist has amassed a body of work that shines in its sheer diversity and persistent relevance. Hans Witschi's paintings have been shown in many museums and leading galleries. Today he's one of the most eminent Swiss painters of his generation. His works hang in publicly funded and private collections. The retrospective covers the artist's work from 1974 to the present day.

Authors: Dr. Mirella Carbone, Kunsthistorikerin and Ulrich Gerster, Kunsthistoriker
256 sites, 24 x 30 cm, german/english
ca. 150 coloured pictures
Hardcover with book jacket
ISBN 978-3-9523619-4-8
Price : CHF 82.00
Mathias Braschler & Monika Fischer
To discover the essence of modern China in all its extremes, the photography team of Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer embarked on a journey across the country. On their 30,000-kilometer road trip through all of China's major regions they captured images of people from the most disparate social backgrounds. The portraits show China in all its astounding diversity and contradictions.

160 sites, german/english
Hardcover with cover jacket
ISBN 978-3-9523619-5-5
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Fredi M. Murer
Fredi M. Murer as an illustrator
ISBN 978-3-9523619-1-7
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Urs Marty
This book is an introduction to an astonishing legacy, collating a wealth of intense images across the spectrum of life. The largely unknown work of photographer Urs Marty encompasses everything from travel impressions to conceptual photo series and excursions into the world of drugs and prostitution. Instead of a dispassionate voyeur, his camera acts as an accomplice, perhaps even a confidant. His later detail shots demystify the body without misgivings or illusions, and yet they grace it with an elemental dignity. Urs Marty's photos can also be understood as portraits. His compositions capture people and situations, as well as landscapes and moods with equal measure of coolness and precision, while reinforcing the emotion of the moment.
Urs Marty was born in 1942 in Altdorf, Switzerland. He studied at what was then the Lucerne School of Applied Art and graduated as a qualified photographer. After an intensive period of advertising and corporate assignments, in 1968 he took a lecturing job at the Lucerne School of Design. The beginnings of his artistic work can be traced back to this time. In the years to follow, until his sudden death from cancer in 2003, Urs Marty created a unique oeuvre of enigmatic presence and urgent fascination
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Edi Hebeisen
Bad Intentions Can Yield Good Results
This book of Edi Hebeisen, born in 1958, showcases the works of the Zurich sculptor and painter between the years of 1986 and 2008. The reproductions explore the artist's different thought process and techniques, and put them in a contemporary context. The written contributions are by well-known author Stephan Pörtner and art historian Volker Schunk.

200 sites, german/english
four color
Softcover 23 x 30 cm
ISBN 978-3-9523619-0-0
Price : CHF 65.00
Corinne Güdemann
Texts by Nadine Olonetzky and Axel Christoph Gampp

Corinne Güdemann has arrived at a calm and deliberate style of painting. Her brushstrokes do without grand, expressive gestures. Her depictions are precise and naturalistic but not obsessed with photorealistic detail. She is not chasing a signature style. Instead, she pursues a more factual form of painting, which reproduces the superficial appearance of objects and bodies. She transports all that is sinister, melancholy or dangerous onto a more subliminal level, often through color. Whether in paintings or drawings, her works are an imitative response to objects in the real world. She focuses on physical realities, especially relating to one's own body. What we see is an alternative narrative for the objects, faces and bodies that Corinne Güdemann has encountered in her immediate surroundings. We would also encounter them if we were sensitive to their presence, power and poetry.

ISBN 978-3 033-01863-1
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Max Grüter
With multiple meanings that defy analysis, Max Grüter's works lead the viewer into a "free-dimensional" space between divergent concepts such as superficiality and honesty, openness and hidden meaning, technique and poetry, sensitivity and directness.

144 sites
28 x 22 cm
ISBN 978-3-033-01700-9
edition stephan witschi, Zürich
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Andrea Robbi
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Thomas Ott, Unplugged
Internationally, Thomas Ott is one of Switzerland's best-known comic illustrators and has taken “scratch art” to new levels of proficiency. Using a variety of tools and techniques, Ott removes a black coat on paper to reveal the white underneath. In doing so, he opens our eyes to the deeper layers of human existence. Pop culture references take their place alongside sacral art motifs and elements from the world's great fables and mythologies. His previous book, The Number, was printed in the tens of thousands and sold around the world. Unplugged, published by edition stephan witschi, is the first collection of sketches from this multifaceted artist. It features pages from Thomas Ott's workbooks dating back to 1989, accompanied by texts from Barbara Liebster und Thomas Haemmerli.
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Thomas Ott
Das neue Buch "The Number"
Price : CHF 35.00