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LEA KUNZ artgenève 26. - 29.01.2023

Soloshow in complicity with Centre de la Photographie Genève and standard/deluxe

Palexpo, booth D21.

Lea Kunz. Naktakt

The work of Lea Kunz (1991, CH) is based on encounters, often with people close to her, sometimes with almost strangers, whom she invites to be photographed. In semi-abandonded interiors or in the fir forest that surround her house in the Jura, she captures collective and individual choreographies, as improvised as they are unbridled. The naked bodies and gestures of the protagonists are never explicit, neither seductive or sexual, neither brawls rituals. Grace is accidental, confusion and awkwardness become liberating, and tenderness is met with loving brutality.

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